Led light strips

We have the widest range of Led light Strips in NZ. If you are looking for high quality and branded Strip lights in reasonable prices our services are available here for you. We have good quality led lights strips which you can use as for both, lights and fashion purposes. Our Lights are ever best led strip lights in NZ.

Led light strips price

Our top rated product has different prices which is starting from 10 dollars to 400 dollars which depends upon quality of products.LED light strips are a versatile and affordable way to add ambiance and style to any space. But with a range of features and functionalities, the price can vary. Here’s a quick guide to help you find the perfect LED light strip for your budget:

  • Budget-friendly Brilliance (Under $50):  Starting at just $10, basic LED strips are ideal for adding a touch of color or light behind your TV, shelves, or cabinets. These strips typically offer single colors or warm/cool white options.
  • Stepping Up the Show ($50-$100): You’ll find strips with color-changing capabilities and dimming functions in this range. These are great for creating a more dynamic atmosphere or setting the mood in your living room or bedroom. Weatherproof strips are also perfect for outdoor use.
  • Premium Lighting ($100-$400): Explore high-end strips for the ultimate customization and control. These boast superior brightness, smart home integration, and advanced features like music syncing for a truly immersive lighting experience.

No matter your budget, an LED light strip will illuminate your space perfectly. Browse your website’s selection to find the ideal strip to light up your life!

outdoor led strip lights

You can turn your patio, deck, or garden into a colorful wonderland with outdoor LED strip lights. These versatile lighting solutions offer endless possibilities for creating stunning visual effects. Unlike traditional bulbs, strip lights are thin and flexible, allowing you to conform them to any shape or outline. Key benefits of outdoor LED strip lights: Weatherproof: Look for lights with an IP rating of 65 or higher, ensuring they withstand rain, snow, and dust.

Energy efficiency: LED lighting uses less energy than conventional lighting, lowering electricity costs.

Customizable: To create the ideal atmosphere for any occasion, choose from various colors, including options that change color.

Easy installation: Most outdoor strip lights have adhesive backing for a quick, hassle-free setup.

kitchen led strip lights

Kitchen LED strip lights are more than just a fad; they’re a game-changer for function and style. Enhanced Functionality: Place them under cabinets to bathe countertops in bright, even light, making food prep a breeze. They’re perfect for highlighting drawers and cabinets, adding a touch of modern luxury. 

Elevated Ambiance: Do you want to establish a cozy, welcoming environment? Use LEDs with a warm white. For a fun, dynamic touch, choose color-changing strips to set the mood for entertaining. 

Easy Installation: Most kitchen LED strip lights are self-adhesive and come in pre-measured lengths, making DIY installation a breeze. 

Long-lasting Savings: LEDs are renowned for their energy efficiency. Enjoy bright, beautiful lighting while lowering your electricity bills. 

Modern Marvels: Any kitchen may feel more modern and sleek with kitchen LED strip lighting. Use solar LED strip lights to add environmentally responsible lighting to your outdoor area!

solar led strip lights

These innovative lights harness the sun’s power during the day, storing it in a rechargeable battery to light up your patio, deck, or walkway at night. Available in various lengths and light colors, solar LED strips offer: Free Energy: No need for electrical outlets, saving you on electricity bills.

Easy Installation: Mount the solar panel and unroll the strip wherever you desire.

Weatherproof Design: They are ideal for year-round use because they are made to resist rain, snow, and sunlight.

Automatic Operation: An effortless atmosphere is created when lights turn on at dusk and off at dawn.

Multiple Lighting Modes: Choose from steady-on or twinkling effects to set the mood.

12v led strip lights nz

A beautiful and environmentally friendly way to improve your outdoor area is with solar LED strip lights.12v LED strip lights are a versatile and energy-efficient way to add ambiance or task lighting to any space. These thin, flexible rolls of LEDs are powered by a 12-volt DC power supply (sold separately) and come in various lengths, colors, and styles.

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